Neuro Slimmer System Review

Welcome to my Neuro Slimmer System Review. This review will help you decide if this program or product can help you achieve your ideal body weight and fitness goal. You can use this Neuro system review to get a clear idea of what to expect from this program.


Building a healthy lifestyle is really important for us as a human being. It gives us a strong and healthy body, keeps the effects of aging under control (look young) and of course, it’s good to our brain also. However, if you’ve been out of shape for a while, getting over the hump is a little bit difficult.

It becomes more difficult once you hit your late 30’s and 40’s, this can make you give up. Right? Thank you for agreeing with me but that half true. Traditional exercise programs don’t have what it takes to get an old body in shape, and you can’t rely on your old tricks.

But we all know humans still continue to lead incredibly active lives in their late years. Just because we’re aging does not mean we need to slow down.

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean hours of training in the gym or only eat green salad. It about makes a healthy choices in your day to day living. It’s a long term commitment.

“The trick to making your lifestyle healthier is to make small healthy changes every day, such as taking the stairs instead of the lifts, increasing your fruit by one, drinking one extra glass of water or quitting smoking.” – Dr Craig Nossel, head of Wellness at Discovery Vitality

I know it’s easier said than done. Sometimes we need extra force to keep the wheel rolling. That’s why a program like the Neuro Slimmer system been created. It was designed to help people like us to achieve our target.

So, What Is The Neuro Slimmer System?

Neuro slimmer is a fresh program for the market, which is mainly a weight loss system contain scientifically proven methods. The program guarantees to help you shed a minimum of 450 grams of belly fat using natural ways and 100% organic. Sound too good to be true right? Please continue reading, I will explain it to you.

All the method suggested in this program are natural and teaches you to lose weight by using herbs, spices, food, practicing simple body movement, control sugar craving and overcome food addiction. It is great to work into your daily routine, while you can burn your calories in other small ways.

A new study also showed that the human brain is the main culprit why it is so difficult to lose the extra point. Have you ever realize, at a certain point when we lose some weight on our diet program and it’s getting stuck? It looks like our brain told us this is it. This is the furthers I can go. I can’t go beyond this line. This is all being set in our brains.

Dr. Sandra Aamodt, a Yale University neuroscientist, has coined the term “starvation alerts.” These starvation alerts or brain signals are a type of survival mechanism that goes back to the time when there’s food scarcity. Thus, the body needs to store more fats.

That’s why we’re stuck at the same weight despite our best effort to diet, exercise, and take weight loss pills. So what we are going to do is we need to reprogram our brains to do better. To get a better result!

Have You Ever Heard Of Gastric Banding Surgery?

Gastric Band Surgery is one of the weight loss surgical procedures. The surgeon uses laparoscopy (which involves small cuts in the belly) to place an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach.

Its main function is to squeeze a certain part of the stomach until it becomes like a small pouch to restricts the amount of food and caloric intake. As you eat, the top pouch quickly fills up, signaling to your brain that you are full and don’t need any more food. This means, even though you’re eating less, you won’t feel hungry.

Even though gastric banding is one of the most effective ways to lose weight with over 196,000 Americans undergoing surgery every year, it can cost upwards of $25,000. Which is not cheap and the result varies widely.

And then, of course, there’s the pain, discomfort, and risk of complications with the surgical procedure itself. According to WebMD, the most common problem after gastric banding surgery include:

  • Nausea and vomiting. These can often be reduced by adjusting the tightness of the band.
  • Minor surgical complications. These include problems with the adjustment device, wound infections, or minor bleeding, and they occur less than 10% of the time.

If you ask me, this is a quite scary option, no offense. And this is why Neuro Slimmer System been created. To give you an option whether you want to perform Gastric Banding Surgery or Gastric Banding Hypnotherapy.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works by convincing your subconscious mind or reprogramming your brain. This will help you:

  • No need to depend on willpower to lose weight
  • Eliminate your desire for sugar and fatty food
  • Stop counting calories
  • Stop eating too much or binge eating
  • And yes.. you will eat less

And because your brain starts to believe your stomach is actually smaller:

  • You will no longer feel hungry and low energy
  • You don’t have to fight off nagging cravings
  • Those starvation alert simply cannot ruin your weight loss diet

When you are under hypnosis, your conscious mind is switched off. This will allow hypnotherapists to reach the subconscious mind. Your actions, habits, and beliefs are control by your subconscious mind. That why hypnotherapy can introduce new information to your subconscious mind for weight loss.

Just like people can overcome life-long phobias or addictions (eg smoking) with hypnosis, so they can overcome their food addiction and accept the subliminal suggestion of the gastric band.

Neuro Slimmer system actually backed by multiple studies published in renowned medical journals. One of the studies by “Cochrane, Gordon; Friesen, J. (1986). Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 54, 489-492.” shows that Hypnosis is Over 30 Times as Effective for Weight Loss.

The research investigated the effects of hypnosis in weight loss for 60 females, at least 20% overweight. Treatment included group hypnosis with metaphors for ego-strengthening, decision making and motivation, ideomotor exploration in individual hypnosis, and group hypnosis with maintenance suggestions. Click here for more info.

This is shown that you actually can reduce your weight using hypnotherapy. But according to the creator of the Neuro Slimmer, not all the hypnotherapy techniques produce the same effects.

So if you want a long-lasting and serious result, you need to use Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

Inside this program, you will get:

  • 5 hypnotherapy sessions from a certified, master hypnotist
  • How to reprogram a specific belief, behavior or habit toward food, eating, and your body.
  • Information that will walk you through your gastric band surgery and a lot more.

It also comes with two bonus:

  1. Neuro-Slimmer Listening Guide
    • A detailed explanation of each hypnosis session
    • How to prepare your Gastric Banding procedure in the best way
    • Get the best result for your hypnotherapy
  2. Neuro-Slimmer Nutritional Guide
    • Discover the healthy nutritious diet that can accelerate your Gastric banding hypnotherapy results.
    • How to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
    • Beneficial herbs and spices that can make a profound effect on your hormones to help you live a healthier life

Pros And Cons Of The Neuro Slimmer System

The Pro

It doesn’t require any extra time

You don’t need to adjust your schedule to make a preparation compare to other exercises. Because it doesn’t require too much time to listen to each session. You can listen to this track anytime you free whether in the morning or before going to bed.

It easy to follow

You just need to find a place where it quite and comfortable. Then the hypnotist will lead you into a deep and relaxing state. You will go through a process to make your subconscious mind believe that you have gone through a Gastric Banding Surgery. If it a success then you will feel fuller and less craving for unhealthy fattening foods.

60 days Money Back Guarantee

If this product does not help you at all, no drop inches from your waist and no fat burn away, you can ask for a full refund. You can test drive the program for two months. And I strongly believe that you don’t need two months before you can see the result. If you’re not satisfied, just drop them an email and ask for a refund.

For me, this refund guarantee makes it easy to try the Neuro Slimmer System without any risk.

The Cons

The result maybe varies for each person.

Different people come with a different mindset, and the way of thinking is also diverse. So you can’t expect the same result for everyone. Some people will get the result faster and some people won’t. In regard to that, give yourself 4-6 weeks to listen and follow the nutritional guide before you quit.

Hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone.

The difference in people brain will decide who can be hypnotized and who is not. According to David Spiegel, MD, the paper’s senior author and a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences said that 25 percent of the patients he sees cannot be hypnotized. He adds that the ability to be hypnotized is not linked with any specific personality trait. “There’s got to be something going on in the brain,” he said.

No face to face session.

If you prefer to meet your personal hypnotist, then this product is not an option. Because this is a digital product, there is no physical copy for this product. You also need a reliable internet connection, because there will give you access to hypnotherapy sessions.

Overall Conclusion

Altogether, we believe that the Neuro Slimmer System is worth to try. More recent study shows that there’s a link between mindset and weight loss. According to the 2015 research, published in the International Journal of Obesity state that a simply thinking that you’re overweight predicts future weight gain.

Other than that, Research published in Psychosomatic Medicine even shows that the stress hormone cortisol, which your adrenal glands secrete every time you get down on yourself or worry about how you measure up on the scale, increases the distribution of fat around the abdomen.

Fortunately, the mind is a flexible thing. You can change your mindset from gain weight to lose weight. You could surround yourself with positive people, people who got the same goal with you, set a reward or punishment and so on to achieve your goal.

Psychology Today also states that hypnosis pairs well with other weight-loss and stress reduction strategies, such as mindfulness, relaxation training, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Some research has found that adding hypnosis to CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) further increases its effectiveness for weight loss.

Thus, we strongly believe that the Neuro Slimmer System is a weight loss program that worth to try. If you already tried a few numbers of weight loss programs that didn’t give you a successful result, and you are also suspecting that your mindset blocks you from becoming fit and healthy, then this is a good program to look at.

Overall with the 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose here.

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